Discussion Feed Module

In order to use our discussion feed module you first need to import our components package and the CSS file.

import { Discussion } from "@orbisclub/components";
import "@orbisclub/components/dist/index.modern.css";

You can then display our module wherever you want in your app by using this component:

<Discussion theme=<STYLE_ID> context=<CONTEXT_ID> />

The STYLE_ID and CONTEXT_ID values can be created with our dashboard.

As explained before, contexts can be used with extensions for more flexibility with the : separator, here is an example:

/** If you want to load only comments shared under a specific article in your blog */
<Discussion context="kjzl6cwe1jw14bisozx249bjt26nyiz1326ani4s8gnfklj0fbedyy8avb06tld:<ARTICLE_ID>" />

In this example the comments loaded in the feed will be only the comments left under the article while benefiting from the global access rules and moderation features of the context.