OrbisDB: The Ultimate Crypto Database

OrbisDB is an advanced decentralized database built on the Ceramic Data Network. It comes with a set of plugins allowing unlimited customization options.


Unlimited use-cases

OrbisDB is built for flexibility. No matter your use case, we’re confident it's the answer.

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Unlimited customization with plugins

Your OrbisDB instance can be easily customized with plugins. You can even build your own!


Gate your project using token gating or sybil resistance tools like Gitcoin Passport.

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Artificial Intelligence

Enhance your data automatically using our AI plugins.

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API Data Source

Connect your OrbisDB instance to any external API data source to import your data to Ceramic automatically.

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ENS domains

Add your user's ENS name to their profile automatically with our ENS plugin.

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Automatic Moderation

Use the plugin of your choice for automatic moderation.

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Use the OrbisDB SDK to write and query open data from your application

It’s extremely easy to setup and use and offers all the flexibility you need, no matter your use case.

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Time for questions!

Here are some answers to the most common questions we received.

OrbisDB and OrbisDB SDK are both open-source under MIT license. As with any software, hosting an OrbisDB node comes with infrastructure costs. You’re free to use any hosting platform to set this up or you can use a managed service from a partner like Hirenodes.io

There are no gas fees for running Ceramic or OrbisDB nodes currently.

OrbisDB is powered by Ceramic, a decentralized data network.

No, OrbisDB is an alternative solution to ComposeDB, both operating at the same level in the Ceramic stack.

Yes, writes are as scalable as your Ceramic node and reads are as scalable as Postgres

Ceramic has hundreds of node operators and anyone can join by simply running their own node (a req. for OrbisDB). Anyone can listen to any topic (model) and build their own index via OrbisDB and Ceramic. All technologies used to build OrbisDB are MIT licensed (or similar).

Yes. OrbisDB has no issues storing encrypted values and server-side encryption can be implemented via Plugin

Yes, OrbisDB Plugins are open-source and anyone can build one. You can submit new Plugin ideas through our GitHub repository. All Plugins will be added to our Plugin Store (coming soon)

Orbis Social is migrating to OrbisDB, enhancing performance and offering three access modes: a shared public node, a fully customizable managed option, and a self-hosted choice with extensive customization.

Until the migration is complete, Orbis Social remains in maintenance mode, focusing on bug fixes and minor features, ensuring stability and reliability.

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